Program Management:

Program Office

An effective and efficient Program Office (PMO) should function as your nerve center for delivering complex change, be it operational performance improvement or technology implementation. Count on us to provide industry best practices for governance, reporting, assurance and controls. Our specialist consultants are backed by an extensive toolset—and by an organization with many successful implementations, both across industries and organization structure.

Our Approach

A successful PMO is defined by the innovative service it provides, beyond basic reporting and administrative processes. We deliver a fit-for-purpose program assurance function that validates and independently challenges the quality of program management information. We strike a balance between supporting programs and tackling critical issues. That enables the PMO to drive value across your program and organization.

Our PMO scope can vary in complexity, from supporting an individual project to supporting a portfolio of programs across the enterprise, as depicted in the diagram below.


When to Use Program Office

You should consider implementing Program Office when you wish to:

  • Increase the speed and improve the quality of program mobilization and delivery
  • Reduce the risk of costly project and program overruns
  • Minimize administration and bureaucracy
  • Ensure that control tools and processes are simple and streamlined
  • Provide a highly robust and practical approach to project delivery
  • Ensure delivery of expected benefits
  • Establish consistent, regular and accurate reporting to provide "early warning" management information
  • Improve project and program management

Our Proposition

We have the skills and capabilities to help you mobilize, execute and deliver a successful PMO program. Our team of specialists helps you minimize risk and ensure successful delivery of benefits. We bring a compelling combination of action, common sense and knowledge to all our engagements.

We deliver tangible results by combining traditional process-focused improvements with people and skills development. In doing so, we empower your senior management with critical information and insights they won't find elsewhere in the organization.