Proko Consulting:

ICHIN is pleased to have partnered with Proko Consulting on several occasions. PrōKo Consulting is a professional services agency that makes it easy and economical for independent consultants and corporations to work directly with each other while avoiding co-employment risk.

PrōKo Consulting provides the corporate structure, insurance, and infrastructure needed to ensure that legal requirements are met so that an independent contractor can work with a corporation without having to be set up as a W-2 employee through a third party provider. This allows the consultant to keep more of what they earn and it allows the corporation to avoid paying 18% to 40% mark-ups on the consultant's rates. It's good for the contractor, good for the corporation.

Bottom Line: PrōKo Consulting exists to enable highly experienced professionals to work directly with corporations in a legal, economical and sensible way. For more information on Proko Consulting call Liz Stabley at 888.627.7656 or Liz may also be reached at