NetSuite Services we offer:

NetSuite Implementations

Our NetSuite Implementation Consultants have developed a proven approach that delivers NETSUITE implementation success. The ICHIN Implementation Consulting methodology involves piloting different areas of the business system application with your key users, and developing an NETSUITE implementation road-map and end-user training strategies. We understand that every NETSUITE implementation is different, and that your business requires separate needs from other companies. That is the reason our NETSUITE implementations follow a customized phased process; allowing ICHIN's NETSUITE Implementation Consultants to work with you to roll-out your NETSUITE or business system throughout your entire company.

NetSuite Project Management

ICHIN has extensive experience delivering Project Management services to firms in numerous markets. Based on this experience, we have developed a 5 part approach that ensures repeatable Project success.

Key elements of the ICHIN Project Management approach are:

  • Project Organization
  • Phased Approach
  • Realistic & Accurate Scheduling
  • Regular Project Tracking & Communication
  • Recognition & Celebration

ICHIN understands that your business is complex and unique. That's why we custom tailor our ERP consulting and business system services to fit your business, people, and processes precisely. Our vast business system experience, industry knowledge, and implementation methodologies have enabled our clients to get the right solutions to their problems quicker. To speed your development ICHIN has developed numerous Process Flows, implementation plans, Job Aids, and templates. This also reduces implementation time.

Your company may also be growing and your business system should not be the limiting factor. ICHIN can help provide the professional services needed to audit your current business system, improve your system functionality, adhere to business changes, and perform all upgrades - allowing you to expand your business to no limit!

Software Package Selection

ICHIN helps organizations evaluate and select ERP software, manage the implementation process, and facilitate all related organizational change to assure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of their ERP implementation.

Our clients benefit from the following advantages:

  • ICHIN does not push one software package over another to benefit our own bottom line
  • We are independent and help the client pick up the best technology for their company
  • We take the time to get to know your business, understand your operational model, get to know your people, and find out the right fit for your organization
  • We have experience and expertise in ERP selection and implementation
  • ICHIN provides full ERP Lifecycle consulting services, so our software selection benefit our clients based on our hands-on implementation experience, resulting in a more informed and pragmatic decision.

Our software selection methodology analyses data regarding each client's unique business and technical requirements against viable ERP software solutions to help organizations understand all of the options as well as the associated costs, risks, and benefits of each choice. This is done through a comprehensive evaluation based on the following criteria:

  • Process Review
  • Environment
  • Requirements
  • Financial Analysis
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Change Readiness