NetSuite Project Management

ICHIN has extensive experience delivering Project Management services to firms in numerous markets. Based on this experience, we have developed a 5 part approach that ensures repeatable Project success.

Key elements of the ICHIN Project Management approach are:

  • Project Organization
  • Phased Approach
  • Realistic & Accurate Scheduling
  • Regular Project Tracking & Communication
  • Recognition & Celebration

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NetSuite Implementation Professional Services

  • Package Selection
  • Process Development
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • Organizational Realignment
  • Business Analysis

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Organization Tools for NetSuite Implementations that fill the Gap Between Technology and other Needed Services

  • Over 200 Project Management Templates and Tools
  • Numerous Process Flow Diagrams
  • Over 100+ Job Aids
  • Templates to Manage the Accounting process
  • Close schedules and calendars

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Managing Your Project

  • Program Management
  • Change Management
  • Developing Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance
  • Process Improvement
  • Base Building Design and Implementation
  • Space Planning
  • Financial considerations (e.g., project budget, controlling actual spend, internal labor, financial reporting, tax considerations, 1031 exchange and etc.)
  • Training
    • Mobile workforce for managers and individual
    • Reducing your personal footprint
    • Ergonomics
    • The Building
    • Making the Move and What to Expect
    • Technology Considerations
    • Good Office Design and Company Efficiency
    • Home office

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Real Estate Strategy and Studies

  • Real Estate and Facility Department Strategic Studies (where and how to update the Real Estate department)
  • Commute Studies and Programs
  • Organizing and filing for Government Grants
  • Developing Facility Management Processes
  • Develop Desired Outcome Metrics
  • Define Business Continuity Plans (Retention Mitigation Strategies)
  • Perform Qualitative and Quantitative architectural Programming
  • Headcount Studies
  • Design the Interior Space
    • Schematic Design
    • Test Fit
    • Construction Documents
  • Beta Test
    • Arrange Furniture Comparison test
    • Perform the Beta Test

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Employee Experience

  • LEED Considerations
  • Determine Signage Requirements
  • All IT Considerations, e.g.,
  • Software Applications
  • Outplacement Services
  • Developing a Disaster Recovery plan
  • Forming a Corporate Art program
  • Finalizing Flex Work Options
  • Determining Hotel Requirements
  • Workforce Location Analysis
  • Audio Visual Considerations
  • Café Design and Construction
  • Food Service and Vendor Management
  • Financial considerations (e.g., project budget, controlling actual spend, internal labor, financial reporting, tax considerations, 1031 exchange and etc.)
  • Physical Move Management
  • Post Occupancy Studies
  • Employee Convenience Programs

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Mission Statement:

ICHIN provides our clients with solutions that are "Better, Faster, Cheaper". We offer Senior Level Big 4 services at staff augmentation rates. Our staff consists of mature seasoned executives and is not a training opportunity for junior staff as with most consulting companies. You get top tier talent at a fraction of the cost of a top tier consulting firm (Big firms have big overhead ICHIN does NOT!). ICHIN believes that there are 6 things that had to be addressed in order to have confidence in project success. They are:

  • Organization (define roles and responsibilities and hands off)
  • Process (By far the most important aspect in improving processing, customer service, response times, and clarity. It is also essential to ensure whatever we do is repeatable, scalable, reliable, and predictable)
  • Technology (The application will perform exactly as designed)
  • Training (Individuals must be thoroughly trained on system usage as well as process)
  • Change Management (To ensure the organization understands who is impacted by the change and provides some assurance that the organization is ready for the change)
  • Whatever we do must be in alignment with organizational goals, objectives and culture

Our proprietary methodology ensures that all of these items are expertly accounted for within the projects we undertake. We specialize in the following types of projects:

  • NetSuite Implementations
  • Corporate relocations and construction
  • Process Improvement
  • ERP Implementations
  • Learning Management Systems